September Players’ Newsletter

  • Medical costs for players injured on duty;
  • Short term injuries (<12 months);
  • Long term / Career ending injuries (>12 months);
  • Catastrophic injuries (own and every occupation).

  • As minimum employment conditions are dealt with in the CBA, it explains how risks should be managed and mitigated:
    • Compulsory MEDICAL AID & GAP COVER;
    • INJURY COVER BENEFITS as provided by an insurer.

  • Completion of “declaration of health” & “on-boarding” documents;
  • Loading & completion of applications for medical aid & GAP cover, by your dedicated staff member / HR, to provide players with the required cover as annually communicated.
  • Players should not train or play without the appropriate cover confirmed and in place.

  • Assistance with high-level advice, processes and structure for sustainable risk mitigation;
  • Annual review and analysis of your needs and insurance solutions available in the market;
  • Feedback & assistance on claims and administration;
  • Information and annual group communication to all employers & professional rugby players.

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