Financial Services

The division’s drive is to assist our professional rugby players with their core group financial products by managing their requirements for group products according to their financial needs & risks.

Our Roles in this division:

To oversee and manage all aspects relating to our players’ core financial products in the following ways:

  • Develop and structure other financial product offerings for our players.

  • Appoint, oversee and manage other Financial Services Providers (FSPs) on behalf of our players with regards to their financial products and services such as their health care benefits, GAP cover, short-term insurance & other products.

  • Ensure optimal administrative management on these various products.

  • Conduct reviews, analysis and continuation with product development to ensure that the products offered to our group of players are the best available for them on the market.

We provide service offering on the following products:

The Injury Benefits

  • It covers our players’ income should he/she be unable to play rugby for a certain period of time due to an injury, illness or an accident.
  • This include temporarily & catastrophic injury cover available to our members.

Assistance on GAP Cover

  • All players are provided with GAP Cover, relevant for any in-hospital expenses which their specific medical aid cover doesn’t make provision for. This normally relates to co-payments and/or shortfalls.

The Players’ Pension Fund Savings

  • Players contribute to their own exclusive retirement savings mechanism- The Players’ Pension Fund. Hereby, they ensure that financial security is provided for when they reach retirement.

Financial and Tax Advisory Panels

  • MyPlayers created a Financial and a Tax Advisory Panel consisting of experts in each field from 11 well-established and respected financial and auditing services companies.

Medical Aid

  • All rugby players are required to have medical aid cover while they participate in professional matches.
  • We appoint specialised advisers that assist them with plan options and negotiated underwriting benefits, exclusively available to the group of players.

Life Cover

  • In partnership with Momentum Corporate, all members of MyPlayers are enrolled for the Life Cover benefit. At a marginal monthly premium, added as a booster to their pension fund savings, players’ elected beneficiaries would receive a compulsory minimum lump sum payment of R150,000 in the case of the policy holder’s death.
  • Players can elect to increase their Life Cover benefit to a maximum of R4 million.

Car and Home Insurance

  • We provide our players with tailor-made Car and Home Insurance solutions.
  • We’ve partnered with Ctrl, a user-friendly insurance platform that helps you take care of your insurance needs at the touch of a button. Compare top quotes side-by-side to get world-class cover. No need for call-centres or appointments. Get emergency home and roadside assistance, expert advice and peace of mind when and where you need it the most. Find out more.

Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA):

The MyPlayers Financial Services division is an authorized financial services provider with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSP46999).

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