The South African Rugby Players’ Association (SARPA) is the official registered trade union of our players. SARPA, an entity of MyPlayers, takes care of the players’ primary employment needs both on national and provincial level.


On behalf of all the players, SARPA negotiated their employment needs and conditions, which are set out in the following agreements:

  • SARICA Agreement

  • Remuneration Agreement

    (Only applicable to all national teams which include the Springboks; the Springbok Sevens; the Springbok Women’s Sevens and the SA A-team).

These agreements cover the players’:

  • Salaries

  • Sick, annual and family responsibility leave

  • Work hours

  • Minimum employment conditions

  • Duties

  • Provincial Collective Bargaining Agreement

  • Disciplinary matters

  • Grievance procedures

  • Standard player contract terms

  • Travel and accommodation benefits

  • Termination of contract by province or player

Member of the International Rugby Players (IRP)

SARPA is a member of the International Rugby Players (IRP) who is the global representative body on issues of importance to the professional rugby players.

IRP’s membership is currently made up of the national Professional Rugby Players’ Associations from South Africa, England, Australia, Ireland, Wales, France and New Zealand.

We also have representation on the International Rugby Players Board.