Financial and Tax Advisory Panels

A team of experts

Professional athletes are often so consumed by their immediate environment, earnings and goals that other critical aspects of their private lives get pushed back on the list of priorities. Financial literacy and planning fall in this neglected category. MyPlayers decided to close this gap by creating a Financial and a Tax Advisory Panel consisting of experts in each field from 11 established and respected financial and auditing services companies.

“The way I see it, I gave up one-third of my life not preparing for the final two-thirds.”

Andre Agassi

Olympic tennis champion, former World Number One men’s player

“I don’t hire these people because they are friends but because they are experts.”

Magic Johnson

Olympic gold medallist, legendary American basketball player and businessman

(Quotes from The Winning Mindset, by Miha Urek)

What you need to know

What this is

  • Professionally qualified independent specialists,
  • in a network of providers which will deliver a service to members of MyPlayers,
  • seeking ways to protect your wealth,
  • mitigate risks and
  • avoid the pitfalls of bad financial decisions.

They will deliver personalised support and advice customised to each player’s individual circumstances.

When to use this service

Every PLAYER should select and develop his own “team” of professionals that can assist him/her as soon as possible after becoming a member of the Players’ Organisation. While living the dream, it is crucial to acknowledge the short and unpredictable nature of earning a living through professional sports.

How to use this service

  • Determine your need(s), whether financial and/or tax advice.
  • The screened experts on our panels have been involved in the professional rugby industry in some way (including playing professionally at the highest level).
  • Contact the expert(s) you feel most comfortable to trust with your personal financial considerations.
  • Any costs involved in using the services and products provided by members of the two panels will be the responsibility of the player. After the initial introduction and before services are employed, players must ensure they request a cost estimate from the panel member and understand the fee payable for the required services.

The Financial Advisory Panel

This is your ‘gateway’ to appoint your own wealth expert of choice, who will assist you with financial advice, analysing your financial needs and helping you prepare your future “balance sheet” for the day when you retire from professional rugby.

Wynand Pienaar (Captivate BlueStar)


C: 073 220 6573

Ruan Palm (Envestpro)


C: 076 411 5657

GJ Leibbrandt (PSG Wealth)


C: 072 867 0788

Werner Swanepoel (CEO)
(Optimum Insure Consulting)


C: 083 410 3428

Meyer Bosman (Private Wealth Management)


C: 082 262 2338

M.C. Theart (Momentum Consult)


C: 082 887 9337

Jimmy Maswanganye
(Optimum Professional Financial Planning)


C: 082 258 4731

Bianca Van Jaarsveld

(International Investment Group)


C: +27 (0) 61 309 5445

Braam Bredenkamp (GraySwan)


T: 011 431 0141

Michael Claassens (Succession Financial Planning)


C: 083 724 7727

Juan Podges (SFG)


C: 083 398 8101

Juan-Louis van der Riel (Old Mutual)


C: 074 143 3870

The Tax Advisory Panel

The tax advisory panel can assist you with the daunting and complex task of business structuring / advice and taxation matters.  Whether playing rugby in South Africa, touring overseas or earning additional income from a business, this independent expert panel will assist you and be your guide to optimising your business and compliance matters.

Christiaan Laubscher (RatioGroup)


C: 072 202 4913

Marcus Botha (BDO)


C: 082 822 3434

Gerhard Brand (BFS Konsult)


C:  079 497 7515