Organisational Structure


MyPlayers is responsible to manage and oversee the day-to-day activities of all the entities in the group of the players’ organisation:

  • The South African Rugby Players’ Association (SARPA)
  • The Players’ Trust
  • MyPlayers Financial Services and
  • The Players’ Charity

Entities of MyPlayers

The South African Players’ Association

The South African Rugby Players’ Association (SARPA) is the registered trade union which exclusively represent the professional rugby players. The trade union serves as a platform for the players to collectively exercise their labour rights and it also empowers them to take collective action on matters pertaining to their employment.

SARPA was established in 1998 and is regulated by the Labour Relations Act of South Africa.

The Players’ Trust

The Players’ Trust is licensed to use and represent the collective commercial rights of the professional rugby players in South Africa. These players’ rights are made available to external stakeholders to be used for broadcasting purposes, various sponsorship programmes and for general media use.

The Players’ Trust also facilitates sub-licensing agreements with third parties and continuously monitor the usage of these rights.

MyPlayers Financial Services

MyPlayers Financial Services is responsible to manage the core financial needs of all our members. On behalf of the players we manage their players’ pension fund, injury benefits, their medical aid requirements and also assist them with GAP cover.

This entity is an authorized financial services provider and is governed by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSP46999) and Intermediary Services Act.

The Players’ Charity

The players identified the need to establish their own registered public benefit organisation. The Players’ Charity makes funding available for charitable causes on an annual basis.

MyPlayers manages the Players’ Charity on behalf of the professional rugby players to ensure that the funds are donated in-line with their mandate and is also governed by the Public Benefit Organisations Act.