Commercial Division

The Commercial division of MyPlayers is responsible to oversee and manage the collective commercial rights programme of the players.

What are collective commercial rights?

Collective Commercial Rights come into play where three or more players in team gear are being used for financial gain by a third party. The players license their Players’ Trust to manage these rights and to ensure that the revenue received for the use of these rights are distributed to the relevant right holders.

The roles of the commercial division are to:

  • Ensure that the collective commercial rights are managed in-line with world best practice;

  • Grant use of the collective commercial rights to partners such as SARU, provincial unions and commercial partners for purposes of broadcasting and sponsorships;

  • Ensure ongoing valuation and pricing of the collective commercial rights;

  • Ensure licensing of collective commercial rights from the professional rugby players to the Players’ Trusts;

  • Perform administrative management of the Players’ Trusts;

  • Ensure collective commercial payments/distribution to the right holders- which are our players;

  • Form commercial partnerships with third parties;

  • Develop licensing programmes like player products, campaigns etc.