About Us

Welcome to MyPlayers, the players’ organisation of all the professional rugby players in South Africa. Our main drive is to promote and to protect our players’ collective interest within the rugby industry, by representing them on a national and provincial level.

We also manage the players’ collective interest as a group and the potential thereof.  MyPlayers is 100% owned by the players and they also take on leadership roles by serving on our organisational structures and the MyPlayers board. These structures are responsible to determine the general strategy and vision of the players’ organisation.

Our Mission:

We provide player-driven solutions to improve the lives of our members.

Our Proposition:

We believe rugby is more than just a game.

Our Values:

Respect  |  Accommodating  |  Integrity  |  Loyalty

“Rugby is what we do, it’s not who we are. MyPlayers creates a platform to connect us with people, insurances and financial assistance that will ensure we have something to fall back on after rugby because rugby is a short-term career, which can end anytime. It’s not how we start the race, but it’s how we finish it.”

“While I am caught up with my rugby and study commitments, MyPlayers helps in a big way as they provide us with quality services. From career advice to airport parking and discounts on flights. It’s great to know we are looked after.”

“I love how MyPlayers is always willing to assist in any off the field matters we as players might have. They are an organisation which we as players can trust and rely on.”

“MyPlayers always go that extra mile for us as players. They also take care of all the players’ off the field matters, so that we can only focus on the task at hand when we step onto the field.”

Our History:

  • 1995

    After being crowned the Rugby World Cup champions in 1995 various commercial parties offered the industry lucrative broadcasting and other commercial deals. These amateur/part-time players were required to pursue full-time rugby careers as the sport turned professional. Players were in need of professional assistance with regards to employment-matters and negotiations.

  • 1998

    The players’ organisation was initiated in 1998, after rugby players required professional, collective representation in the immediate years that followed after rugby turned professional.


  • 2004

    Springbok players wanted to strike about their contracts, but instead they decided to wear white armbands in their next match, without their management consent as they were scared that they would force them to take it off. After the players have sung the National Anthem, they took of their jackets and so the public discussion about the armbands started. After long discussions and player solidarity, disputes were resolved with the players and the players’ organisation have their first seat on SARU’s executive committee.

  • 2010

    The commercial arm of the players’ organisation was established.


  • 2014

    The MyPlayers Financial Services division of the players’ organisation was created in 2014 to look after the members’ core financial services.

  • 2018

    Marks the 20-years anniversary of the players’ organisation.


  • Today

    The players’ organisation looks after the professional rugby players’ collective interest and advocates for player participation in the decision-making process of the South African Rugby Union (SARU).