First financial education program for professional athletes in the world including rugby players.


PlaySmart aims to provide professional rugby players with financial wellness. They believe that you are the CEO of your own fortune and you need to create the right business model and choose the right partners to succeed.

Professional sports contracts have become increasingly complex and lucrative in recent years. Managing large amounts of money associated with these contracts becomes very difficult for athletes, from a technical aspect as well as a lifestyle aspect.

They have found that athletes need education not only on how to manage their cash flow needs, budgets, investments, etc., but also the lifestyle changes that come with large amounts of money.

Therefore they have created the PlaySmart financial education program, which can be found on the MyPlayers App to help athletes navigate their financial world.

MyPlayers members will have access to the following:

  • A digital tool for planning financial goals

  • Each player receives financial report in PDF (minimum 25 pages) that includes a financial health score, a financial report with life simulations and personalised recommendations

  • Each player has access to his online profile

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Isma-eel Dollie from MyPlayers on 084 484 4412 or

For further holistic financial planning and advice and should you need further assistance and professional help, visit Financial and Tax Advisory Panels page.


PlaySmart Representative in South Africa
Bianca Van Jaarsveld

Mobile Number: +27 (0) 61 309 5445

What is the financial health score?
The financial health score is a worldwide innovative and totally new way of measuring the health and soundness of your personal finances. With the financial health score, you will obtain a perfectly clear picture of your personal finances in only one score. The test covering all areas of your personal finances, will verify how financially healthy you are and how sound your personal finances are. The test is easy, transparent and understandable, even to those who don’t understand the financial slang.